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Welcome to ALERT

ALERT is a group of young professionals who have come together to make basic medical life support available to all in times of need. ALERT has undertaken Emergency Response Management (ERT) as its first and core project. Through this project ALERT trains various sections of the society in emergency response and also build support systems to make emergency care available to one and all in the society. This program is being taken to corporate, educational institutions, auto and cab drivers, shopkeepers, homemakers and other social bodies. Addressing the sad state of affairs in the emergency care eco system in our society, ALERT is also working towards a vision of common man’s “Right to Emergency Care” (REC). The end beneficiary is none other than the common man in our society which includes you and me. The mission is totally free from any commercial motive and all services going out to the society is for free, with the only motive of achieving a medically aware, socially conscious and a friendly society around us.
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"One in every family to be trained" -a goal set for ALERT by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam.
ALERT meets the visionary former President of India - Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. view